Cambridge Cycle Parking
This page was inspired by a really astonishing example of cycle parking which appeared while we were away for a few days.

Eventually it may feature other examples of the wonderful cycle parking we're provided with.

Kings Hedges Learner Pool

18th August 2006. This thoroughly modern cycle parking facility appeared when we went away for a few days.

Why can't we see decent looking, functional and attractive facilities ? The faults with this are so numerous that it's ridiculous.

For a start, just how ugly is this thing ? Who thought a combination of shiny (though soon to be grimy) metal surfaces with bright blue paint and black paint on concrete would look good ?
Note also how the lip at the bottom of the steps juts out and narrows the already too narrow shared use path. Also, from the direction of this view any cyclist too far right is going to have an interesting kerb to climb and pedestrians may well trip.

Any cycles placed in any but the last of the "wheel bender" racks will have to be lifted over the other bikes in the rack. So, effectively there are only half as many spaces here as it initially looks like there are.

If someone finds their bike trapped behind another it is quite likely given that these racks hold only one wheel of the bike that they will damage someone else's bike when removing their own.

A bike placed at this side sticks out onto the path. Note that apart from the last bike against the fence there is nothing at all to secure a bike frame to. Also, the roof has no gutter so will concentrate rain onto the back of any cyclist putting their bike here in the rain rather than provide a benefit.

Perhaps the best feature is that this useless monstrosity is just bolted to the ground. This should make it easy to remove it and replace with proper sheffield racks !

The location of this cycle parking is here. It's very close to Arbury Park and on one possible detour to avoid the mess recently made by developers there.

I stopped working on this when we emigrated. However, we've got plenty of examples of how it could have been. Compare with Dutch Cycle Parking.

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