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Hoek van Holland to Hunebedden

From the 19th to the 25th of July 2008 we are running our longest cycle tour of the season. This tour is intended for experienced cyclists. The route will take us from Hoek van Holland, North through Haarlem and Harlingen, to the Northern most point of the Dutch mainland and end in the province of Drenthe where the ancient hunedbedden (dolmen structures) lie. The theme being important things in the Netherlands over time.

We won't have long stops, but on the way we'll see plenty of bicycles, take in wonderful coastal paths, the pretty city of Haarlem, a futuristic solar powered "City of the Sun", the 32 km long cycle path along the Afsluitdijk (part of the important sea defences of this country. Click to see us ride across in July 2008), the Star Fort of Bourtange and the world famous cycling city of Groningen. The hunebedden which are the final destination are some of the oldest monuments in this country.

We will cover between 90 and 120 km a day, passing through the provinces of South Holland, North Holland, Friesland, Groningen and the "Cycling Province" of Drenthe.

The ride is planned such that most of the distance should be covered with a tailwind. This includes the very exposed stretch on the Afsluitdijk cycle path. We will do the shorter daily distances when we are heading South for a significant amount of time.

This tour will not be a race. While we will have to travel at a reasonable speed to make our destination each day, we have an ethos of not leaving anyone behind, and of concentrating on having an enjoyable time. We will ride to a different destination in pre-booked accommodation each night. Lunch and afternoon tea stops will also be built into the rides and we will have time for a decent evening meal.


Rental bicycles are not offered for this holiday. I expect that people interested in this tour will want to bring their own bicycle.

In order that that the holiday goes without any snags we ask that you please make sure in advance that it is well maintained, possibly by asking a bike shop to service the bike. If your bike breaks down, you may not be able to continue the tour.

Also, we ask that you carry with you all your luggage, including clothes etc. and any spare parts you may need. The ride leader will have puncture repair kit, simple tools and a few spares, but won't have such things as spare tubes for your size of wheel. We recommend mudguards as they help to keep those you're riding with clean as well as yourself.

For this ride, the leader will probably be riding a recumbent. However, any type of bicycle (or tricycle) is welcome.

We may use some very short stretches of less than ideally surfaced path, and perhaps some stretches of cobbled road. However, most bike paths and roads here are very smooth asphalt or concrete. We do not recommend mountain bike knobbly tyres for comfortable and efficient riding in these conditions.

About us

Judith and David Hembrow are experienced British cyclists who were sufficiently impressed with conditions in the Netherlands that we moved here. We have commuted on, toured on, raced and shopped with an assortment of bicycles and we have ridden extensively both with children and in groups of adults alone.

David has been involved in campaigning and commercial cycle promotion events for several years.

Previous longer touring activities include riding from Land's End to John o'Groats and travelling from the UK to a cycle racing event in the Netherlands by bike.

Anything Else ?

If you have special dietary needs, such as being a vegetarian or vegan, or you have any questions at all, we will do our best to help. Just let us know.

Cycling in the Netherlands is very safe. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that participants have both travel insurance and third party liability insurance.

Riders on this tour will need to be used to riding distances of around 100 km a day for several days in a row. If you are unsure, please consider trying an Audax or other longer distance ride before booking.

How to book

For this week of holiday we will organise a mixture of Bed and Breakfast, Hostel and Hotel accommodation along the route of the tour. Breakfasts are included in the cost. Lunch, evening meals and drinks are not. Nor is your transport to the start or end of the tour. A train ticket costing approximately will be needed to return to Hoek van Holland after the cycle tour.

The total cost of the holiday including 6 nights of accommodation is just .

Please contact us directly by email or use the paypal buttons below to book.

 TOO LATE FOR 2011 ! 

Sorry, but we are no longer taking bookings for this holiday. If you are interested in taking this holiday in 2012, please contact us, or consider one of the other holidays on offer.

How to get here

Please book the tour first and wait for confirmation before booking your transport.

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