David Hembrow, the Cyclist's BasketMaker

David Hembrow

This is a page of links to other personal pages.

I've written up a few stories about various cycling adventures and also reviews of different bicycles. All this appears on the bicycles page.

Also I've written pages about various pieces of hifi which you can find on the hifi page.

When we had our house in Cambridge on the market and were looking to buy another in Assen, I wrote down all the things we considered to be important in a list of House Buying Tips.

I also put together a useful list of Cambridge Estate Agents with contact details for each.

You might have an interest in how waste is dealt with in Assen.

We're Vegan.

We run Ubuntu Linux on our computers. I recommend it very highly.

One of the very first web pages I wrote, and which still gets hundreds of hits every month, is a design for an inexpensive yet bright bicycle light.

I spent 20 odd years working with computers. One of the companies with an interesting product that I worked for was EO, where we made one of the first tablet computers. More than 20 years later I bought an Android tablet.

These day I work primarily in our online bicycle parts and accessories shop. We also work as cycling tour guides and occasionally I still make baskets. Inbetween doing these things I update a blog about cycling.

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