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Unusual videos of bikes in the Netherlands

1970: Views of Amsterdam streets, the RAI exhibition space with 750000 bikes, and the police store of thousands of stolen bikes.

1990: Holland Bicycle Masterplan Fiets. English commentary (Polish subtitles!). A film about cycling in the Netherlands. Note that in the 20 years that have followed the production of this video, conditions have improved. Lots of pictures of normal people riding bikes.

2007: Cycle parking at Groningen Railway Station. This cycle park cost around €10M to build, and accomodates 4150 bicycles, bringing the total number of cycle parking spaces at the station to 6000. Around 60% of all journeys in Groningen are currently by bike. This is expected to increase to 70% within 10 years. On my blog you'll find more details (and another video) and details of how yet more parking has been installed.

Now: Video of 500 transport bikes. If you want to increase the capacity of your bike, I sell front racks like these.

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