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Sharp PC-1245 pocket computer

I bought my Sharp PC-1245 pocket computer back in 1983 when it was first released. It's built very much in the same manner as a Sharp pocket calculator of the same period. The same type of keys, for instance, and in "run" mode it operates as a calculator with the exception that the "enter" key is used instead of "equals".

Programming is done in "pro" mode. The Sharp has a fairly standard implementation of BASIC for the early 1980s, with line numbers and shortcuts. One helpful feature, especially given the small keyboard, is that keywords can be abbreviated. For instance, you can type P. instead of PRINT. Keywords are stored as tokens, so on listing the programme you see the whole word.

The PC-1245 offers just 2.2 K of RAM which is split between 1486 "steps" of program and 26 memories. i.e. the variables A through to Z. The ROM is 24 K in size, which at the time of introduction seemed quite large and inefficient for such a machine. Many home computers of around that time had ROMs of just 8 K but with more capabilities than this machine.

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