LED-2 Video Projector

Digital Video Converter

NBOX media player

Samsung ML-1640

Battery Manager Ultra

Profords DC-18 Electronic Alarm Clock

Imtech NTSC decoder

Sharp PC1245
pocket computer

NEC PC8201a laptop computer
EO tablet (1993)
Yarvik TAB250
Apple iPhone 5G clone
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One of my first memories is watching my father fix an old valve TV in the early 1970s. I've always been fascinated by how it was possible to create electronic devices, and how it's possible to extend the lives of those you've bought if you have an ability to understand a little about electronics.

Consumer electronics reviews

LED-2 Video projector - inexpensive Chinese video projector

Digital Video Converter - a stand alone converter for old video tapes.

NBOX - Put home products or downloaded video on your TV.

The Battery Manager Ultra - a smart battery charger.

Computer projects

Samsung ML-1640 laser printer - problems and fixes.

Home audio / video projects

My home made subwoofer.