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NEAT Tonearm

When I bought my Goldring 88 turntable in the 1980s, I needed an arm to go with it. The shop from where the turntable came also had a NEAT tonearm for sale. I understand that the tonearm, like the turntable, dated from the 1960s.

This is a heavy chromed steel tonearm, with good bearings. It uses an SME compatible headshell, but as there is no SME style adjustment in the base of the arm you need slots for the cartridge to be able to be adjusted. There is also no anti-skate adjustment. For a time when I used the arm, I made my own with a piece of thin string, a weight and a bit of twisted wire - a similar arrangement to the SME anti-skate.

I used the NEAT tonearm for a few months before deciding to swap for a more modern Linn arm which was somewhat lighter and I thought a better match for modern cartridges, the NEAT was stored until 2007 when I eventually sold it on eBay.

The tonearm got quite a bit of interest on eBay, presumably because of the renewed interest in using heavier arms combined with cartridges such as the Denon DL103. This arm gave the buyer a much cheaper match for such cartridges than an SME 3012 would have done.

There is very little information on the Neat tonearms on the web, so I'll include here the photos I took for the eBay auction.

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