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Ten-Watt High Fidelity 2A3 Audio Amplifier by W.C. Howe

EVERY provision for perfect audio reproduction has been included in the design of this 10-watt audio amplifier that can be assembled with ordinary tools. Type-2A3 tubes and conservative output rating were selected as being most consistent with pure, clear sound reproduction. Dependable, quality performance fits the unit for work in all fields where high fidelity is important, such as home recording and public address.

So says the February 1938 edition of Popular Mechanics magazine. The whole circuit diagram is below. Perhaps the amplifier design is in fact still viable. 2A3 based amplifiers have been built a lot more recently.

Forty tubes and five loudspeakers

Perhaps you have not considered the interesting possibilities of a receiver using forty tubes and five loudspeakers...

What fascinates me about this is that it has so many valves/tubes in it. Surely there are more here than are required, so what are they doing ? Also, the reference to different "channels" for different frequencies. Does this perhaps contain an early active crossover speaker ? Or are they just talking about a passive crossover. There are no more details.

Amusing review from Popular Mechanics September 1936:

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